I want to start saving for my kids

I wish I knew how to negotiate

i want to make a difference in my community

I need a strategy for managing my RSU income

Do we rent or buy a home?

i want my investments to align with my values

i need help staying on track to meet my goals

How do I pay off my student loans?

Have WE saved enough?

Ongoing Financial Planning

You’ll receive a customized financial plan built specifically to meet your unique goals. By working in close partnership throughout the year, we will deliver a plan and work with you to track progress. An ongoing working relationship means you aren’t overwhelmed by a “one-off” hundred-page financial plan, and allows us to calibrate the plan as your life inevitably changes

Phase 1: Get Oriented

(First 3 Months)

Discovery Meeting
We do a deep dive into your current situation, talk about goals and concerns, and enable me to understand your unique needs and objectives
Get Organized Meeting
Together, we collect necessary information, get you set up on the client portal and begin to get organized.
Cast A Vision Meeting
We cast a vision for the future, evaluate plans to get there and set a schedule of activities to tackle over the next 6-12 months.
60-90 minutes
90 minutes
60 minutes

Phase 2: Navigate the Journey


Implementation Meetings
Quarterly intentional meetings to work through all of your short and long-term goals. The specific topics and schedule will be provided at the Cast a Vision meeting.
Calibrate Meetings
We meet as needed to modify the plan to adjust to your changing circumstances.
60 minutes

ongoing financial planning cost

Upfront fee

$3,000 – $6,000

(Based on the complexity of your situation). This fee covers our 1st three meetings, typically the first quarter of working together.

Ongoing fee

Starts at:
$750 for an individual
$900 for a couple

(Billed quarterly)


Note: all fees are based on the prevailing hourly rate and you will only be billed for time actually spent.

hourly advice

All projects billed at: $300/hr

in 15-minute increments.

Have a specific question?
Possible topics to be covered may include education planning or developing a student loan strategy. This is not intended to be comprehensive or ongoing. 

Investment Management

We provide Investment Management services to clients who don’t have the time or inclination to do it for themselves. Our investment philosophy is to provide a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds that matches your risk tolerance (we’ll figure that out together).

Investment management services are offered in addition to ongoing financial planning. Ideally clients who use this service would also be ongoing planning clients. There are some cases in which we would provide investment management only, but generally speaking, it makes sense for us to know what is happening in the rest of your financial life, beyond the accounts we are managing.

We typically have 2 meetings per year to review any investment-specific questions and concerns. We are also available to you throughout the year as questions arise or your situation changes.

Investment fee

Annual fees
$0 – $1,000,000

Do you have a lot on your plate?

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