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Ongoing Financial Planning

  • We meet five times in the first year and then twice per year moving forward.
  • Our team is available to you throughout the year as needed.
  • Together, we work to co-create strategies to manage your financial life.
  • We actively monitor your progress and calibrate the plan as your life inevitably changes.

meeting structure - First 6 months

Discovery Meeting
We do a deep dive into your current situation, talk about goals and concerns, and learn about your unique needs and objectives. We learn about your history with money and how that's shaped your views today.
Cash Flow & Values
We review cash flow to get insight into how much your lifestyle costs and make adjustments to savings, if needed. We discuss what's truly important to you in order to have a clear vision of where you're headed.
Scenario Planning
We present a high-level, 1-page financial plan and also introduce you to the financial planning software. The software is a collaborative tool that we use together to evaluate the feasibility of your goals.
Investments & Equity Compensation
The final meeting in our initial series focus on investments and a strategy for your equity compensation. If we are not managing your assets, we will provide detailed recommendations for the portfolio.

Ongoing Meeting Structure

Annual Renewal Meeting
  • Update goals, action items, and projections
  • Review and update fee schedule
  • Cash flow & savings review
  • Review prior year taxes & W-4 withholding
  • Estate plan review/check-in (beneficiaries, will, and other documents.)
  • Charitable giving strategy
Mid-Year Meeting
  • Check-in on goal progress
  • Student loans/education funding
  • Employee benefits/open enrollment
  • Insurance review (life, disability, etc.)
  • Rebalance investment accounts
  • Equity comp review
  • End-of-year tax planning review

ongoing financial planning cost

Flat, Annual Fee
Starts at $6,000 for individuals
$7,500 for Couples

The fee is based on the complexity of your situation and starts at $6,000 for individuals and $7,500 for couples. We revisit the fee each year; at the outset you will pay 50% of the annual fee up front. Subsequent billing period will be quarterly, in arrears. The fee includes investment management, though it is not a requirement that we manage your accounts.

Note: the above fees are based on the prevailing hourly rate of $400 (with no account management). If we spend less than the requisite number of hours per year, the fee will be adjusted down. 



Baseline Fee
Account Management by Xena FP
First $600,000 covered by baseline fee.
First $750,000 covered by baseline fee.

Account Management Fees

Fee for management of assets above threshold ($600,000/$750,000) but below $1,000,000
Fee for management of assets above $1,000,000

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